Lead Temperature

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Define Lead Temperature
Lead temperature defines the type of lead that has entered your web site. i.e. are they ready to purchase or are they just looking...

Hot - Ready to Buy Something / fulfil a pressing need
Warm - Intent to purchase, comparing prices, looking for next thing
Cold - Looking for information that defines them as in the niche, but not ready to buy something now

Why is Lead Temperature important?
Knowing the lead temperature of inbound traffic to your web site is an important factor in the structure of your lead to sales process. Just the same as in a retail environment, not every one coming to your web site is there to buy something. In fact there are probably three broad categories of people you may be interested in as leads 1) Ready to buy right now 2) Checking prices / making comparisons 3) Gathering information for a possible purchase at some later time.

Search - by its nature - Gives away a Web Site Visitors intent
When someone does a search and then clicks thru to your web site the keywords that they use will give you valuable information about their intent . For example -  if someone types 'buy XYZ product' there is a pretty good chance they will be about to make a purchase, if they type 'How do I get rid of pimples' there is a pretty good chance they are looking for a solution right now. If they type in something more general 'instructions for an XYZ air compressor' then they may not being ready to buy something, but they are saying - I use/own an air compressor and I am probably interested in other related products and services. To make a sale to these different leads would take a different approach.

Design of Your Marketing Strategy
With the lead temperature in mind when designing your search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising campaigns it is possible to target 'action' orientated keywords and specific products or services to bring in 'Hot' leads and directly convert them to a transaction sale.. But equally it is possible to design a marketing strategy around warm and cold leads that incorporates a softer lead to sale strategy such as a free eBook download and an ongoing communication through auto-responders, email marketing or social media.

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