Keyword Research

Nearly every transaction on the Internet begins with the entry of words or phrases in one form or another. This means that having a intimate knowledge of the words and phrases that people will use to find your products or service is one of the fundamental building blocks of a successful online business. Keyword research is a creative thinking and technical process that can be undertaken to reveal to you the words and phrases people are using and which ones are likely to be profitable to target.

The Keyword Research Report document will give you insights into the customer demographic you need and can become a blueprint for the development and marketing plan of our web site.

It is vitally important to consider investing in a Keyword Research Report at the following stages:

  • - Before the development of your web site
  • - Before the development of a online marketing or advertising campaign
  • - To review or expand your marketing efforts

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More About Keyword Research Reports

To undertake a keyword research report you first need to develop a list of keywords and phrases that someone might use to find your product or service. This should start with generic names, 1 letter words and 2/3 letter words, and then specific products names or colloquial terms that describe your offering. It is also useful to gather a list of action orientated words such as 'buy' 'what does' etc.

Then by using keyword information from Google or other search engine datasets the keywords are analysed for potential opportunity by comparing the volume of searches that are conducted on those keywords against the number of web sites that are already competing for that keyword.

This gives a clear picture of which keywords are suitable to target in the development of the web site structure, promotion and link building

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