Marketing Strategies

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An Effective Internet Business needs a Marketing Strategy.
A really effective marketing strategy for an online business should deliver new customer leads, convert those leads into sales and use a communication process to build customers relationships and life time sales.

Strong Source of New Customer Leads
A rule carried over from regular marketing that applies equally on the internet is to establish around 5 effective sources of leads for your business. This will give you a strong flow of leads and give you a buffer against ups and downs in each campaign. A common marketing mix might include lead generation for an SEO campaign, PPC campaign, Social Media Campaign, and Offline / Online direct marketing campaign, and an Auction & Classifieds campaign.

Convert Leads to Sales
Just as in a bricks and mortar store the marketing doesn't stop when you get the lead to your web site. To achieve the best results the lead-to-sale process you design should incorporate : the lead temperature, be focused on driving toward the outcome sought and give the customer confidence in the transaction that is occurring.

Communicate for Life-long Customers
After a transaction has occurred between you and a customer you have formed a relationship. Further developing that relationship can be a really effective strategy to build a highly profitable internet business. After sale marketing and an ongoing sales strategy can be developed from the initial relationship and utilising communication tools such as email marketing, auto-responders,  and social media marketing.

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