Measuring Lead Value With Metrics

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Define Lead Value & Metrics
Lead value
is the determination of dollar value of a lead in profit to your business or how much money you are going to make from each lead (on average) that comes to your web site. Knowing this information lets you make strategic decisions about your marketing budget and lets you know how much you can afford to pay for each lead to make money from it.

Metrics is the system of performance measurement points that allow you to monitor and analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns. It allows you to undertake tests, tweak ad campaigns, and be alerted to potential changes that need your attention. The system of metrics you set up can be simple or complex depending on the depth on information you require, but not having one is equivalent to flying blind.

There are free tools available such as Google Analytics that has the capacity to monitor your web site traffic, the conversion rates of each lead, and run split tests on web page content to assess conversion rates of different advertising copy.

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