Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

see also: Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Search Advertising

PPC is an online advertising model that allows you to pay (per click) for traffic from Search Engines.. It includes pay per click, pay for placement, and a variety of other advertising options. The three main Search Engines PPC products are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing Search Marketing. There are others and also some interesting new players like Amazon and Facebook.

The Objective of PPC is to pay to get targeted user traffic from Search Engines that converts to leads and sales in a profitable way.

PPC Advertising is a process that needs a plan, ad writing, landing page development, testing and monitoring to deliver profitable traffic to your web site. Contact us to develop an PPC plan, or to conduct a Review of your Current PPC Performance.

More About Pay Per Click Advertising

Fundamentally a successful PPC campaign comes down to finding the right keywords and putting together an effective set of ads for your product or service that attract high click thru rates and convert well to sales at the lowest possible cost. Sounds simple, and over complicating it can be a serious problem, but of course there a few specific things you need to put in place to achieve this.

Metrics - How you know whether your campaign is working or not
One of the really great things about Internet Marketing is that you can measure the performance of just about everything you do. Most PPC Advertising programs have the functionality and tools available to track almost every aspect of your campaign. It is a critical part of a successful PPC campaign to be able to perform tests, measure ad click thru rates, and most importantly to be able to monitor ad conversion rates and costs so you know exactly what to invest your marketing dollars into. 

Developing a Campaign
When you develop a PPC campaign to maximise its effectiveness in adding profit to your business you should start with identifying a clear sales conversion target - what is it that you are selling? Experience tells us the more specific the sale conversion target the better value you get from PPC. Once you determine exactly what it is you are selling (and it may be multiple items) you can build your campaign by identifying the keywords that relate to searching for that product and developing a series of  ads to test.  

Keyword Research
The importance of a Keyword Research report as a planning tool for your PPC plan becomes evident. It reveals the keywords and phrases that people are using in search engines to find the product or service you are offering and will give you the intel you need to both optimise your web site and and your off-website marketing campaign.

Writing and Testing Ads
Using the keywords that you identify to craft a series of ads to use in your PPC campaign is an art form in itself. But from a marketing perspective a good campaign should run testing to determine which ads perform the best. On most PPC advertising platforms this can be done by running split tests on ads for the same set of keywords. Sometimes making very slight changes to the words you use in the title or ad text can make a significant difference to the click thru rate and sales conversion rate.

Geographic and Demographic Targeting
Most PPC advertising platforms allow you to target your campaign to specific regional areas and / or demographic groups. This can prove exceptionally useful for promoting a local service to a specific group of people.

Enquire about Pay Per Click Advertising Plans & Reviews

Developing an effective PPC Campaign for your business can almost instantly add new customers. If you have a campaign that isn't giving you the results you are hoping for then we can review it and give you recommendations to make it work...... Contact us to develop an PPC plan, or to conduct a Review of your Current PPC Campaign Performance.

Learn About Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

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