Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a term that encompasses the on-website and off-website actions you can take to get Search Engines to:
1 - List your web site (Index).
2 - Display your web site in the list of results in response to a search for the keywords or phrases that relates to the product, service or information you are trying to promote.
3 - Rank your web site higher in the list of search results to attract more click thrus and leads

The Objective of SEO is to  get Organic (Free) user traffic from Search Engines.

SEO is a process that needs a plan, regular actions and monitoring to deliver 'Organic' or Free traffic to your web site. Contact us to develop an SEO plan, or to conduct a Review of your Current SEO Performance.

More About Search Engine Optimisation

Search is Still King - Most times (something like 80%) when a person wants to buy something, or find a service, on the Internet they will turn to a search engine, and that means 'Google' or maybe 'Yahoo' or 'Bing'. So I am sure I don't need tell you how important and profitable it can be for your business if you can get a listing in a great spot on the page of search results when somebody conducts a search on a product or service that you sell.

How do I get my listing to appear when someone searches on my product or service?

Search Engines aim to deliver relevant results.
Search Engines work by comparing the relevance of web site listings that they know about with the set of words that the person typed in, and then display a list of results in a ranked order of what they deem to be relevant to the search entered. There are many factors that a search engine takes into account to determine the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) and their goal is to deliver the most useful results to the search user.

The first thing to be aware of is that search engine don't work like a phone directory where you might find a business service you are after by browsing alphabetically or by service type. Rather different people may well use many different search terms or phrases to try and find what they are looking for. For instance I might type 'dog treats' whereas someone else might type 'dog food rewards' but be looking for the same thing. What you will also find though is if you do a search on those two slightly different sets of keywords, you will get a different set of results (sometimes radically different).

Secondly when a search engine indexes (lists) your web site it doesn't just list the front page. Often search results will reveal pages that are buried much farther down in the web site. This is where the opportunity for small business in search engine optimisation really kicks in because you will realise that all the pages of your web site are potentially open to being individually optimised and found through different search terms. This allows you to focus on more specific 'buying' orientated keywords rather than more generic keywords that would probably have higher competition from established businesses or web sites. 

Keyword Research
With this in mind, the importance of a Keyword Research report as a planning tool for your SEO plan becomes evident. It reveals the keywords and phrases that people are using in search engines to find the product or service you are offering and will give you the intel you need to both optimise your web site and and your off-website marketing campaign.

 Optimising Your Web Site - Structure and Content + Popularity
Search Engine use an 'algorithm' (secret maths thing) to determine the relevance of your web site to the search term someone uses. Currently the major factors that determine where your web site will rank in results are its structure, content and its 'popularity.'

Optimised structure and content for your web site is something that is built on what you discover in the Keyword Research report.  More information on developing optimised Content for your web site.

Link Building
'Popularity' is basically a measure of how many 'links' there are to your web site. There are various strategies to building links including article marketing, social bookmarking, and blogging. More information on Link Building.

Enquire about Search Engine Optimisation Plans

There are no absolute guarantees in SEO, in fact if someone is telling you that be very careful, but with a good plan, regular actions and monitoring you can achieve a great flow of Organic (Free) traffic from search engines. Contact us to develop an SEO plan, or to conduct a Review of your Current SEO Performance

Learn About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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