Why You Need Our Service

The owners of OLF know about building a small business - we have been there - lack of time, lack of capital, lack of cash flow and we understand that to truly develop a business that delivers what you set out to achieve you need to get sales and you need the resources in place that get the job done and allow you to get on with working 'on' the business rather than 'in' it.

We have designed a service that allows you to access Professionals in the Internet business development area to support your business as it grows without the cash flow sapping cost of hiring full time staff.

- Build a Professional Team without the Huge Fixed Cost
- Hire a Whole Team  for Less than the cost of one person
- Local Coordinator - Outsourcing without the Hassles
- Stop Doing it Yourself - We Explain it - We Do it - You Own it - You Get the Results

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